Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Some FOs, and a bit of progress

I feel like I have barely posted this month. That's mainly due to much of my knitting/crocheting time has been spend working on gifts. Some of the pieces have now been gifted. So, I can share.

The largest project I have been working on has been this comfort afghan for Aly. This is another group project from the Peaches & Creme group on ravelry. Aly has been suffering horribly from the effects of Lyme Disease. This summer I called to the group to make squares for her. This time around I received so many squares I couldn't even fit them all in.
Once I had all the squares I edged each one with Aly's favorite colour, and sewed them all together. Aly received her blanket yesterday, and had been feeling very yucky. She said it was the best possible day to receive such a gift.
In order to disguise the blanket a bit I managed to make sure I was sending to Aly for the group's holiday exchange. So, for her exchange gifts I made this crocheted snowflake (free pattern) out of Dazzling Diamonds. The sparkle of the thread doesn't show up well in the photo, but I really think it is the perfect thing for these ornaments.
I also made a pair of potholders. Just a simple shape in single crochet. I made one side in variegated purples, and the other in a fun multi-colour. Not exactly holiday themed, but I like them much better than the ones I started in Christmas colours, and I think Aly would, too.

My hand spun sweater has not gotten the attention I would like but it is still coming along. I decided shortly after the last time I posted about it to go with Elizabeth Zimmerman's Nalgar construction. It's a very interesting way to shape a seamless sweater. It's a reverse raglan. The body tube is knit up to armpit length, then instead of joining sleeves and decreasing, you start rapidly increasing until you can fold up the top and work the sleeves outward from there. The remaining top stitches are later kitchenered together for the shoulders.
I don't think I've explained this very well, but the instructions are in Knitting Workshop. If you don't have the book it's loaded with great stuff, and well worth checking out.
In the photo my sweater is at the point where I am ready to start the sleeves. In reality I have one sleeve nearly complete. I hope to get back to work on this week.
I hope everyone in the U.S. has a wonderful Thanksgiving, and for the rest of you, simply a great week!


Joansie said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

You've been really busy! I have a question? Is it strictly a matter of preference doing the Kitchener stitch at the shoulders instead of the 3-needle bind-off?

Toni said...

What a gorgeous gesture on the part of your group. It really made my day to see and read of it.

Your sweater is great. One of these days I am going to learn a bit of Zimmerman. I feel like I am out of the Zimmerloop.

Happy Thanksgiving to you.

Maureen said...

Everything looks great. Can't wait to see the sleeves on the sweater. I love the colors you chose for it.

LDSVenus said...

wow I've missed a bunch!! Love that sweater, what an interesting way to knit one up, be sure and post a picture when it is done so that we can see the finished item. Let us know how easy or things that could have used a bit more explaining :).

Aly said...

I can't believe it's been almost a year! This afghan is the only one I use in the living room and when I'm not using it, it's right beside me on the back of the couch. It has done it's job - I can't tell you how much comfort it has given me! Thank you, again, for this amazing gift. I often think about how lucky I am when I'm curled up under it!