Sunday, September 28, 2008

Woolly dreams

I thought I would take a minute to tell everyone about my crochet class in Billerica, and my exciting new fiber related plans.
Yesterday was a yucky rainy day here in the North-East. Since Billerica, Ma is over an hour drive in the best weather I figured I'd better leave extra early. I had hoped to stop at the Hub Mills Store. I did manage to make it to MA with enough time to stop in Lowell, and was I glad I did!
For quite some time I've been dreaming of a simple roll necked sweater made out of Classic Elite's self striping, thick and thin wool -Desert. I believe it's discontinued, but they have had a large stock of unlabeled balls in the outlet for some time now. I finally decided I was going to have to go and buy the yarn before they ran out (after all the roll neck sweater will fit perfectly in line with my mindless homework knitting). Well, in honor of Lowell's city wide Open Studio weekend all yarn at the store was an additional 20% off! Good things really do come to those who wait!
So, here it is. Hopefully it will be a sweater in time for a cold New England winter.
The class ended up being only three people. Somehow a few were lost through the week. However, it did move along quite nicely with so few to keep track of. Usually for a beginner class I feel that everyone should leave with enough knowledge to make a square or rectangular project in single crochet (a basic scarf or dishcloth). Then if I can move on to other stitches it is a bonus. Well with these three woman we went through the foundation, the single crochet stitch, the half double, and double crochet stitches, and actually got into making a granny square. I was amazed! Unfortunately we only got half way through the 2nd round of the granny square before I had to leave, but the fact that we were even able to start it amazes me.
I was threatened with the possibility of frustrated crocheters showing up on my doorstep for further instruction, but luckily I live quite a distance away! I may return for another class with these ladies at some point this winter.
After the class I went back to Lowell, and the last 40 minutes of open studio for the day. Of course that really isn't time to see much, but I spent it at my friend Lynne's studio, where there are always lots of fun fiber junkies hanging out. It had been way too long since I had gotten to see Lynne, and we had plans for Mexican food and Margaritas after open studio closed for the day. Somehow it came up that Lynne was going to Rhinebeck. Months ago she told me she planned to skip it this year. Before I even got to ask what changed her mind she said "Do you want to come!?" I thought about it briefly and said "Well, I'm back in school, and I've been so busy. I really shouldn't, but of course I will!" I did come home and double check my school schedule, but it turns out to be the perfect weekend for me to take off. I'm very excited to go, and I'm hoping to meet lots of my online fiber friends. I've already told Maureen that we have to meet if she will be there.
No picture today of my current WIP- the weather is just too gross to get a picture that really captures the colour. Soon, I promise.


Lil Knitter said...

That yarn looks so soft and cushy. It will definitely make a nice sweater.
You've really got a lot on your plate right now. Congrats on going back to school.
Just remember to take care of yourself and get some rest in between too.

Joansie said...

Sounds like your class, though small (like mine) was fun.

The Classic Elite sounds wonderful. Can't wait to see the sweter.

I am so envious sthat you are going to Rhinebeck. Can't wait to see what you buy.

Anita O said...

That is going to be a beautiful sweater. The yarn looks so yummy and smooshy.

Hope to hear about Rhinebeck and see pics!!

Unraveling Sophia said...

That yarn is so beautiful...I should say "manly", right? not beautiful? ;) Anyway, it will make a great sweater - can't wait to see it!!

Dave said...

Woah, great colours in that Dune!

Glad the class went well. Perhaps a classic case of "less is more"? :-)

LDSVenus said...

Congrats on your yarn find, the color is gorgeous and it will make a beautiful sweater. I will expect a picture :).

Glad your class went well, I'm sure your students are excited to learn and will do well with what you taught them. :)

Oh, the spinning group said, you don't need a mordant with the Black Walnuts but if you want you can use alum. You are using the husk on the walnut rather than the walnut itself.

Crystal said...

I love the yarn color.....perfect for a warm sweater! Can't wait to see it...hurry up LOL LOL