Tuesday, October 21, 2008


It was a beautiful weekend for a sheep & wool festival. The air was chilly, and perfect for woolen sweaters, and there was just enough colour left in the trees to make it truly beautiful.

Lynne and I got to the festival shortly after noon, and it was packed! It was so packed I felt like I couldn't even see what some of the booths had to offer. However, I managed to do just fine with the shopping.

Lynne, who just purchased a drum carder ended up with a beautiful 7.5Lb Romney fleece. Check out her blog for photos of how wonderful this stuff is after washing. I can't wait to see what she does with it! With the amount she has I'm sure there will be many great projects.

The ravelry party that evening was cold, but great fun! I even won a door-prize, a Classic Elite sock kit.

The highlight of the ravelry party for me, however, was talking to Author Doris Chan. I actually approached her, having no idea who she was, to ask if I could watch her work on the broomstick lace she was hooking away at. She was so sweet, and immediately turned to give me a better view while explaining everything she did. It was not until the end of our chat/lesson that we even exchanged names. I was so amazed that I had just gotten a lesson from a famous designer! If you are not familiar with her work you should really check it out. Her Blue Curacao Shawl is one of my favorite crochet designs ever.

The next day I couldn't resist going to see her at the Festival, and getting a copy of Amazing Crochet Lace autographed.

Sunday was especially nice at the festival. Things had calmed down, and were less crowded. You actually noticed when you were near someone you know, and could look about the booths with out fear of being swept away in a wave of desperate fiber hunters. We had done most of our shopping on Saturday, but did wander about, and double back to vendors where we had spent less time than we wanted. We made it a short day, though, and managed to drive into Massachusetts just as the setting sun was beginning to cast a golden glow over the Berkshires. It was a beautiful drive.

Here is my fiber haul from the festival. Not as ridiculous as I feared it would be.
In the back there is 1/2Lb of black and red merino/mohair roving, moving clockwise- 1.5 Lbs of superfine merino top (If I had even realized how wonderful this top is, and what a STEAL I was getting it would have been much more) 4oz of baby camel, 2oz of white yak, and 1/2Lb of dark grey Icelandic roving.

When we arrived at Lynne's house she helped me use her new drum carder to create my own luxury batts. A few ounces of merino, an ounce of camel, and a bit of tussah silk (that just happened to be in my car), and I got these wonderful creamy vanilla coloured batts. They are so exquisite!


Anonymous said...

I cannot wait to hear how those yummy batts spin up... btw I found your jacket too :)

Dave said...

Mmmm, that batt looks so soft!!

Joansie said...

I have been waiting with "baited breath" to hear about your trip to Rhinebeck. So glad you got an autographed copy of the crochet book. The fiber looks wonderful, and ok, I'll admit it..I'm envious of your latest stash addition...lol. Glad you had so much fun.

LDSVenus said...

That stash looks soooo nice! I have spun with Yak, you will love it. There is a place on ebay where you can get it cheaper tho, but it's brown and not white. Those batts look yummy!!! Do remember to post a picture of the finished skein of yarn you create with it. :) I get to go to the fiber festival this Saturday in Murphreesboro, TN with a friend. I don't really have much money to spend but it will be fun touching and feeling the fibers ;P. It will also be a good chance for me to compare the different sheep fibers.

Anonymous said...

Wow.. what a good time... can this California Girl be pea green with envy!! The fall trees look beautiful.. Ours are not quite red yet... The fiber is drool worthy. What a great blog post! Toni