Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Some New Patterns

It appears that I may be on a blogging roll all of a sudden. Or, perhaps I am just making up for a long absence. What ever the case, I have a few new projects to share today.

The first is this pair of scarves. My friends Chris and Lisa were gracious enough to model them for me last night (it was a bizarre coincidence that I had the scarves and my camera when I ran into them).
These scarves will be available as a kit through the Pisgah website soon. They are both made with new colours from the Peaches & Creme Premium line.
These were designed to be easy projects for newbie crocheters. I have a few online friends like Melanie, and Aly that have been trying to learn crochet. I figured it would be great to have a pattern that would be easy for them, and others that are learning, that actually produces a nice wearable project.

It's a bit late in the year for new scarves. However, it snowed here yesterday. So, a new scarf didn't seem totally outrageous. The colours may show up a bit better in this photo, since it was still day time when I took it. The scarf on the left is made in OD Spice, and is a single crochet pattern worked from end to end. The scarf on the right is made in Dark Purple Ombre, uses a similar pattern in half double crochet, but is worked from side to side.
I also have this new dishcloth design almost ready to go.
I call it the Quick & Lacey Round. This is made with the Cotton Cabled, and will be a free pattern. I actually made this months ago, but I sent it along to a pattern tester along with a pile of other stuff, and it got lost in the shuffle. I'm glad it has surfaced, because I really like it. I can make at least two or three of these in an hour. It is on the small side ( about 7" across) but, I figure it will come in handy for last minute gift additions.
The last thing I have today is this little amagarumi style crochet hook holder. I had been looking for small cylindrical containers to keep a few tools handy, but didn't find anything I liked. So, over the weekend a simple gauge swatch turned into this.
This little cylinder uses only half an ounce of yarn, but will easily hold a dozen or more hooks. I plan on making a few more to keep in various places, so I will always have a hook handy.
I will also write up a pattern for this (although it's so easy I almost feel silly doing it), and offer it for free if anyone is interested.


Knitnut,Karen said...

Looks like you've been busy! Lovely items you shared today!

Joansie said...

Seems good to have you crafting and blogging again. I love the both the pattern and colorway of the dishcloth.

Deb said...

Hey....welcome back! Great scarves & great blog! You've been missed my friend.

Unraveling Sophia said...

So glad you're back as I love your blog! You are always designing!

LDSVenus said...

I love the way the color worked out on the purple scarf, very cool. I also love the circular lacey round, it's really nice and makes me want to pick up my crochet hook, which I haven't done in about a year. :) Glad you found some time to add to your blog, I need to start spinning and knitting some more so I can add something constructive to mine ;P.

Maureen said...

Cute stuff! Love the scarves!

Jodi @ Happy House Quilts said...

I need a hook/needle holder..hmmm i like the easy pattern idea :)

Lil Knitter said...

Hey! Love the scarves...especially the one Chris is wearing and the dishcloth is really pretty.
I lost my "lessons"...printer is on strike...Froggie graciously printed them out for me again today. I hope to get to practicing my crochet soon.
Then I can acutally make the scarf. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi hon!!! I that you are blogging again. I love the things you have been working on.

You can count me in on the new crocheter list. I have made a simple afghan and can do sc, dc, treble but that is it, a granny square LOL yeah right LOL.


Knitz2 said...

Love the hook holder - and I'd like the pattern but it does look intuitive enough I think I can do one without a pattern.

Unraveling Sophia said...

Just a gentle nudge that its been **a month** since you posted... I'm having Briley withdrawal symptoms! How about catching us up on what you've been doing, designing, and crocheting?? :D