Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Dave, don't look.

Although one of my readers has asked me NOT to blog about my quilting (for fear he would be tempted to try it) I just can not resist sharing my progress.

I finished the four log cabin blocks I needed to make the reverse colour scheme of the large block I showed yesterday. Once again I am beyond thrilled! I keep looking at these pieces thinking "I can't believe I made that!"

At this point I am thinking I will have to continue with the log cabin squares.

Here are the two squares together. Each piece is made of four 1' blocks. SO, they are both about 2' square. I am thinking 9 of them would make a lovely quilt top. However there are a few other things I would like to try. So, not sure if I will try and incorporate them into this quilt.

At some point I will blog about knitting and crocheting again, but there is no blog worthy progress at the moment.


Yarndude said...

Those patterns are amazing. This is going to be, by far, the most amazing quilt in the whole entire world. Are you stitching this all by hand or using a sewing machine? I would love to learn how to quilt, but I fear it would be yet another hobby that would take over my life.

Lynne said...

These are beautiful! You have to finish this quilt now! It's too gorgeous to stop.

Dave said...

I've never been very good at doing what I was told. ;-)

Equally gorgeous! I find it particularly striking how the same colours, but reversed, can create such a different "feel".

Yarnspider said...

That is just georgeous! Deeply envious, I do miss my quilting! Keep it up, you've really got a flare for it.

Maureen said...

Amazing! You are truly a talent! Love seeing all your project no matter what the craft is! Keep it up! Is the quilt going to be for you?