Sunday, March 30, 2008

Fresh off the Bobbins

As of yesterday I hadn't photographed any of my recent spinning, but in the spirit of breaking in the new Brileyknits I got out the camera this morning.

Most of my Spinning these days has been devoted to the "midnight" merino/mohair I bought at SPA.

This is a very loosely combed , fluffy roving, and although it is not the easiest to spin, I love the way the fiber feels in my hands. It's moving very slowly, but I am really enjoying it.

For those of you who haven't seen it before, here is another shot of the singles. I think the finished yarn is going to have a wonderful mohair halo. I have a vaugue plan for the yarn, but am still deciding on a specific pattern.

So far I have about 450 yards of 2 play lace weight. I haven't set the twist yet, as I want to have it all spun up first, but I think it will probably fluff up into a DK weight. I'm hoping to get another 500 yards out of whats left. I think I have enough.

I had more to share today, but the photos won't seem to upload right now, so I guess I will try again later.


Maureen said...

Wahoo! So glad you are around here! Love that you are switching over your blog. But that is very selfish on my part! Love the tomten and BSJ jacket! Both are amazing!! Catch up with you again soon!

Anonymous said...

The yarn looks great! I'm happy to say that my spinning is going better. What are you going to knit with the yarn?

Witchypoo said...

Love the new blog! The BSJ came out great!

Anonymous said...

Love the handspun! It looks gorgeous! Are you coming up with names for your colors or do you name it after the Roving colors? So many possibilities.

Mary said...

I Love the colors of your yarn.