Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Little Bits of Progress

It seems that my knitting time has been nearly non-existent for the past few weeks, and to top it off I [have gone completely insane and] decided to break my personal rule of NO Hand knitted Holiday Gifts this year. So, I have a whole bunch of knitted and crocheted items in various states of progress. A whole bunch of items that, 6 weeks from now, I will be ripping my hair out over! Here's one of them:

I have started the thrummed mittens for my nieces. I have to say that they are slow moving, but really fun to work on. I am very excited at the thought of how wonderful the finished item will be.
I am using the basic mitten pattern from Ann Budd's Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns, and Adrian Bizila's "How I do thrums" tutorial from Hello Yarn.
I know I am going to need a pair of these for myself....someday!
There are several other gifts that I can't share right now. I did however make some quickie dishcloth gifts that I can share. The honeycomb looking cloth is Hakucho's Circle Cloth made in Peaches & Creme burgundy, and light sage. I wasn't sure about the colour combination when I first started, but I really liked the way it turned out.
The other cloth is my own Crocheted Ridges Cloth. Instead of using the Peaches & Creme yarn I designed the cloth for I used the Country Cabled Cotton. It's a lighter weight yarn, but I worked it at the same gauge, and I just love the results. The picture does not show it as clearly as I would like, but the cloth has almost a lacy look to it. Very different than my previous version, and I have a renewed interest in the stitch pattern.

I have made some progress on the Desert raglan. It is not in a great state to be photographed right now, so it will have to wait. However, I will be starting the shoulder shaping today and I'm thinking I may not make it a raglan after all. More on that soon, I hope!
In the design world I have much going on, but very little to report. A new free knitted bookmark pattern has been posted at the Pisgah website. The Garden Trellis bookmark has two simple variations. It a quick, fun knit. This pattern has actually been around forever, and was almost forgotten about until recently. So, it is here just in time for quick holiday gift additions. If you are giving any books for holiday gifts think of one of these bookmarks made in Dazzling Diamonds as a way to add a little glitz to the presentation!


Joansie said...

The mitten is gorgeous. I'll have to look at that tutorial. The dishcloth is stunning.

I've also broken the rule "no hand-knitted items" for Christmas.

hakucho said...

The color combo you chose for your circle cloth is fabulous...very nice :)

The thrummed mitten is awesome...those will be very warm and toasty :) Learned something new...I'm always up for that :)

LDSVenus said...

I like those thrummed mittens. At first I thought you were doing beaded mittens ;P. They are really pretty, I've never seen anything like that. I've spun thrum before, it makes a nice unique yarn. :)

The dishcloths are pretty. Might have to try the circle cloth :). Good luck on getting everything done. The only ones getting anything knit from me this year are my daughter and grand daughter, and that is the Herminone hat. Still have one to go ;P.

Maureen said...

I love the thrummed mittens you are making. They look great! I think of you everything I put mine on... I love the dyed yarn you created for me... I switch between my gloves in grey to the thrummed in blues. Both were created by you! I am so lucky! Keep up your good knitting progress!

Anonymous said...

Hi there... Love love love to see your projects. Kind of hard to have the no knitting gifts rule. It seems when the season comes, well it feels right to knit gifts. :) LOVE those cloths.