Tuesday, November 4, 2008

So, it seems like I am over-due for a blog post, but really I haven't had much to talk about. There has not been much time for knitting the past few weeks.

I have slowly been working on the roll-edged raglan. I was concerned about the different types of stripes on the sleeves and body. Here's a picture of the two side by side, and I like it. The worries are gone.

I did have a couple evenings last week when I stayed over a friends house, and I knew I would have a little time to actually concentrate on my knitting there. [She had just had surgery, and I was staying there in case she needed anything in the middle of the night.] So, I pulled out my mother's shawl that I haven't touched in months.

If you have forgotten about it entirely you can find some earlier information here.

I have it stretched over my red fiber scale here, and you can begin to see the pattern emerging. So, it's not looking so much like a hair net anymore. I had originally planned to knit this to 4' square, and then add a wide border to make it 5' square. I'm now thinking that will make it too large for my mother, who is not quite 5' tall. I may have to get out the calculator and re-think this one!

I also have a new plan in the works. I'm thinking I will make my nieces some thrummed mittens with the yarn I dyed with the berries they picked for me. I almost started a pair last night, but realized I wanted some roving in bright colours to use for the thrums.

So, the roving is steaming up now! Perhaps this weekend I will get to a pair.


Joansie said...

Everything looks great, Brian. I am especially interested in the development of your mom's shawl. Beautiful piece of knitting!!!

Can't wait to see those mittens. The kids will love them and maybe pick more berries for you next year :>).

Lil Knitter said...

I like the stripes...nothing to worry about with that. With those colors...how could you go wrong?

Your Mom's shawl is really starting to look beautiful. Is that the true color...for some reason I was thinking it was darker.


*my word verification word is trance...that's what I've felt like lately...lol* Are you trying to tell me something? :P

LDSVenus said...

The stripes on the sweater will look great because they vary here and there and are not suppose to be consistant (couldnt think of the one word that would probably describe all that, sorry :P).

The shawl is looking beautiful!!! How excited she will be to get it!!!! I like the colors on the yarn you are dying, and I too am waiting to see what the mittens will look like knit from it. :)

Maureen said...

Great looking pieces there! Love the dying project too!

Toni said...

Hi there Brian!
Your Mom's shawl is divinity!! I love it. Wanted to say hello. The yarn died with berries is just amazing.


very cool idea - you're so thoughtful!!