Friday, May 8, 2009

Babies & Aliens

So, the cloud scarf is finished and gifted. It ended up being 80" long. It should be very warm for those Alaskan winters. No photos yet. I'm trying to keep my blogging momentum going, but I've got to be quick tonight. So, new projects only.

This blanket is the most recent kit I have with Pisgah Yarn . It's a baby blanket that I designed for one of my coworkers. I've called it Natalia, as Natalia was the woman having the baby, and the sample shown in the official photograph is this one made in shades of pink.

This sample was made by another woman I work with.

Natalia actually had a boy, Luan, and the blanket I made her was in blues. Unfortunately I never got a photo of that blanket when finished. I gifted the blanket to Natalia about a week before her due date, and that fell with in the month that I was without a camera.

I do have this in-progress photo of the blanket in blues.

This was a very quick and easy, but fun blanket to make, and I hope Natalia and Luan enjoy it.

Coincidentally, another coworker of mine is expecting a girl any day now, and I think she will be the recipient of Sandy's pink version of the blanket.

I have also made a blanket for the little girl, and although it has been gifted, I am not ready to share just yet. The Madison (I just LOVE that name) blanket is also a very fun project but not quite so easy. More details soon.

The Alien Bath Set is another new kit available through Pisgah.

Once again, this photo is not of my work, as my project was gifted during those camera deprived days. This set was crocheted by raveler eboousm. I'm not giving her real name, as she doesn't list it in her profile, and I never thought to ask if that was intentional. If she wishes to remain anonymous I will keep her secret.

This design actually stemmed from a gift I had made for my brother a long time ago. He had given me Debbie Stoller's The Happy Hooker as a gift, and I wanted to gift him in return with a project from the book.

I decided on the Skullholders. I loved the pattern but after making two skull panels, enough for one potholder, I decided I couldn't bear to make the third and the fourth (I bore easily, I guess). So, I decided to make up my own design for the second potholder.

I made this alien free style, but liked it enough that I really wanted to make some sort of pattern eventually. Looking at these potholders I would say my brother liked it, too. They are well worn.

It took me quite some time, but I think the towel/wash cloth set was a great use for the image.

I have lots of projects in the works right now, and one is actually for me. So, I promise to try to blog more frequently.

Tomorrow is the New Hampshire Sheep & Wool festival. I hope to not be too drunk with the smells of fiber to take photos.


thegothicl said...

I know eboousm. We live in the same town! LOL Small world!

Crystal said...

I LOVE the cute!!!!!
Great to see you back on blogging! Missed ya.

Maureen said...

Love that pink one! Well both are great, but my niece woul dlove that pink on! Have fun at Squam! It looks like it will be a lot of fun!

Toni said...

Hi there. .. long time no talk. Nice to see your fabulous blankets. And the aliens are pretty hip too. Hope you are well.

Cat said...

Hi Sweetie!!! I love the designs. Miss keeping up with you.

big hugs!!!