Monday, April 28, 2008

Contest Results

I want to thank everyone who helped me celebrate my blogiversary by entering my contest. It actually took place over a week that was unusually busy for me, and I am still trying to get to see the blogs of everyone that has commented. It was a fun experience, though, and I actually learned a few things. For instance, prior to this I had no idea there were blogs entirely about blog contests. I also learned that many knitters are sexist. Those of you who have referred to me as "she" know who you are.

A couple of things I wanted to share about the contest entries:

Person with most entries: Elaine (also had the most specified referrals)

Person who sent the most traffic: Rainberry (I noticed that 38 people followed a link from her blog, and none left a comment saying she sent them, but I gave her an extra entry for effort!)

The only person who correctly guessed all four fibers: Kristen

What were the fibers? From left to right they were:
Soy silk
Merino (I counted wool as a correct guess, since none of the others were wool)
Tussah silk (I counted silk as a correct guess)

And the winners are:

First Prize: Cat
Second Prize:BloglessinNJ
Third Prize: Rachel-O

Cat- You get first pick of the 3 Prizes:

A custom needle case, hand spun yarn, or hand-painted cotton yarn.

e-mail me with your choice.

Blogless and Rachel Please e-mail me with your addresses, and colour likes and dislikes. Blogless you will have your choice of the remaining 2 prizes, please include your first and second choice in your e-mail.

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