Friday, April 11, 2008

Gerry Came Through with the Photos

Warning: You must read the previous post " A Thank You, and Giving in to the Demand" for any of this to make sense. Also, this is a very picture heavy post. If you have dial-up you may want to go make a cup of tea while it loads.

Gerry did manage to locate and scan a bunch of photos from the X-files party, so I get to show you some of the things I spoke of, and a few I forgot about. Unfortunately there is no picture of the "Alien Autopsy Serving Dish" yet. Gerry thinks he has some somewhere, but I fear that we may not have taken any.
This is the Roswell UFO Crash Cake. It's looking kind of messy on the photo, but you can see the chocolate flying saucer that has crash landed into the cake. On the top left is one of the marzipan alien crash victims, and on the bottom left there is another, somewhat obscured by the wooden spoon.

The next picture is of a trifle that Gerry made. See Moulder and Scully wading through the pudding to recover the alien?
Just behind them you can barely get a glimpse at one of my themed serving dishes. This one is a UFO serving dish. However, it is already empty, and the bottom is on top of the lid (which was the part that was actually decorated.

This is me at one of the parties. I bought those silver pants while visiting friends in Chicago. We were planning on spending the evening at a discotheque and I didn't have appropriate clothing. The X-Files party was the 2nd time I wore them, and when I was in the basement changing into the costume I sat down to lace up those boots, and got caught on a nail. I ripped the backside of the pants wide open! I didn't stay in costume long.

These are the Alien soaps I made as party favours for one of the parties I had to miss. I figured with soaps I could drop them off a couple days in advance, and they would still be just as good! Each soap had an opaque back, and a clear glycerin front with an alien suspended in it.

And here are the Sculptures I made for the series conclusion:

The first photo shows, on the left, the sculpture entitled "Tooms" Tooms was a character that appeared in 2 episodes early on in the series. He could stretch and contort his body to travel through ventilation ducts, and plumbing. You see him starting to peak out of an air duct here.

In the middle is another, whose title I can not remember, but it depicts a tiny alien embryo in some sort of cryogenic cylinder (made out of a juice glass).

On the right is another alien with octopus-like tentacles. Nothing to do with the show- Just for fun.

The second picture is the Alien Autopsy.

Picture Number 3:

Left: Serpent Alien- again just for fun

Front center: "Fluke Man" was a genetic mutation caused by nuclear waste from the Chernobyl disaster. He lived in water and attacked men to lay his embryos with-in them, where they would develop, and eventually kill the host. I think this was season 1. The episode was entitled "The Host" It was the first episode of the show that I saw, and will always be my favorite.

Rear Center : Well, I'm having a hard time remembering episode names (most I have not seen in years). However, this was based on an episode where M&S found a secret lab set up in a warehouse where genetic experiments were taking place. There were Human-alien hybrids in tanks hooked up to all kinds of tubes and equipment. I think the episode may have been "The Erlenmeyer Flask"

Right, another view of Alien Autopsy.

In the last photo:

Rear Left: "Darkness Falls" another of my favorite episodes. In this episodes lumberjacks cut down an ancient tree and release some sort of insect that had been sealed with in the growth rings in hibernation. These insects were inactive in the light, but at night they would swarm and kill humans, then wrap them in a cocoon hung from a tree to save them for future snacking. [hey! I wonder if I could spin the silk from one of those cocoons!?]

Front Center: Hmmm, I think this was based on an episode called "Anasazi" I do remember that some sort of ancient alien mass burial site was discovered in the desert.

Rear Center: "Samantha" For those of you who never saw the show, Agent Moulder, who had revived the FBI's un-solved "X-Files" believed his sister had been abducted by aliens right before his eyes 30ish years prior to the show. Although Samantha is long gone she is truly an integral part of the show, finding her is Moulder's only true motivation in life. My depiction shows a flying saucer hovering over a girl in bed, illuminating her with a beam of green light.

Thank you Gerry for forwarding these pictures. Perhaps we should have an X-files reunion party this summer so I have an excuse to recreate the alien autopsy serving dish!


Lil Knitter said...

Wow! Those are awesome! You are so creative...I never would have thought of so many different things. I think the Alien Autopsy is my favorite. :P
Your costume rocks! Too bad about the was a great outfit.
WTG to Gerry for finding the photos and sending them so you could share.

I'll have to let the youngest son see these when he gets up in the morning...he loves anything alien!


Joansie said...

Wow! I am reallly impressed. Love the costume and the alien autopsy is my favorite also. Thanks for sharing and thanks for Gerry for coming through with the pics! What fun and yes, a reunion/encore is in order.

LizzieK8 said...

Thanks so much for sharing! Absolutely stunning! You are so creative!

LDSVenus said...

Very cool!!! Did you know I grew up in Roswell? :P

Deb said...

You & Gerry have too much fun!!! ;-)

Thanks for sharing the great photos & the stories.

Miss T said...

I absolutely love that Roswell cake. Love it!